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Service de mise en relation de joueurs de jeux vidéo

Gaming Gamification IT


Remember the first video game consoles? You know, the ones that were equipped with 4 controllers and gave gamers of all kinds an opportunity to meet up, play with friends, compete and have fun, together in real life. Today, online multiplayer games have exploded, revolutionising the way we play with one another.

“Video games bring people together more than ever. However, we have never been more alone in front of our screens.”

With, we change the rules of the game: the first collaborative platform of video game players that brings them together again, in real life..

Designed by gamers, for gamers, Cogaming enables you to organize and participate in fun and competitive sessions with other players, whether from your neighbourhood, your city or your region.

From Fifa to Street Fighter, from Pacman to Pokemon Go, from Counter Strike to Clash Royal, the world’s largest community is about to start a new game. This time, in real life.

Play together, in real life.


Julien Gobbi


Année de création : 2016

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89 avenue André Malraux
57000 Metz, France